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Hungary Today’s new, recurring series Summer in Hungary takes a look at some of the best places to enjoy the summer weather and spend your holidays. We will collect some of the most beautiful and fun Instagram pictures from a relaxing weekend at the beaches of Lake Balaton and Velence, the Balaton Cross Swimming and the Kékszalag Regatta, to rooftop bars, confectioneries, and wild parties at the best Hungarian music festivals.

This week, we are traveling to Fonyód on the southern shore of Lake Balaton which is a famed holiday resort of the region. The most beautiful panorama of Lake Balaton can be seen from the town’s famous lookout towers and hilltop viewpoints. That is why Fonyód is often referred to as the ‘viewpoint of Balaton’. Also, Fonyód is often considered the town of eternal love, as its renowned Kripta villa was built by Ödön Abrudbányai-Rédinger, a wealthy Hungarian pharmacist in memory of his former love who died before their wedding.

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featured photo: Pribelia (@Pribelia) Instagram