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Summer Says Goodbye with Hottest Day of Season

Sára Kata 2020.08.31.

The tail end of summer decided to give us another extremely hot day, so we have something to remember before cooler autumn weather arrives.

The Record for the Hottest Day of this Season has been broken – this first was measured on the 8th of August at Budakalász (36.7 degrees Celsius), then on Sunday the temperature was 37.4  degrees Celsius at Mezőkovácsháza.

Nationwide, the average temperature was around 33.8 degrees Celsius, according to a Facebook post by the National Meteorological Office (OMSZ).

The record high for the 30th of August is still 38.2 degrees, measured in Debrecen in 1992. This has not yet been exceeded, despite Sunday’s sweltering heat.


Featured photo illustration by Balázs Mohai/MTI