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Stunning Video Explores Budapest’s Fabulously Renovated Thermal Baths

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.10.19.
Budapest Thermal Baths and Thermal Waters Inc., the operator of a total of twelve spas and beaches across the capital, has collected the results of development projects to revamp the capital’s famous thermal baths over the past months into a single super-spectacular video.

The three-minute video features Paskál Beach in the suburban District XIV, which is now open in all four seasons with seven new pools and geothermal sauna; the Rudas Bath an Swimming Pool, with its famous sun-porch and jacuzzi, near the Buda bridgehead of Elizabeth Bridge; and the Palatinus Beach on Margaret Island, which is still under reconstruction. There are also amazing shots of the Király Bath and the Dandár Bath, which was awarded with a Hungarian Product Grand Prize a few weeks ago.

The three-minute clip also features drone shots, which give you an insight into the pools of the Széchenyi and Gellért Bath, which are still under mechanical reconstruction, and you may also see the mosaic of boards, all saying thank you for the recovering, on the walls of the Lukács Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool.

This spring, Business Insider shot a similarly compelling 1:30-minute video on the famous and unique night-time parties held in Széchenyi and  Lukács Baths – check it out!

The capital’s project to spend EUR 48 million (15 billion HUF) on completely refurbishing and expanding six bath houses was announced by Budapest mayor István Tarlós in September 2014.

via termalfurdo.hu
cover photo: termalfurdo.hu