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Students In Hunt For Seasonal Jobs As Summer Vacation Approaching In Hungary

By Tamás Székely // 2016.05.05.

Although the end of the school year in Hungary is still six weeks away, many Hungarian students already started the troublsome process of finding a bearable summer job, regional news portal reported. Most of the young job-seekers are sending their applications through student associations, but there are also some students, who rather perfer to contact firms and companies by their own.

Student workers should not have high expectations in Hungary, usually they can get underpaid jobs only in supermarkets, stores, fast food restaurants and call-centers. In the countryside many students are hired for seasonal jobs in agriculture as well. Working for one or two months, however, will provide neither much money, nor valuable life experience. Furhermore, many employers take advantage of students as much as possible. Payments often gets delayed, but there is no place for complaining, if one is not contracted and registered officially.

According to the latest data by the National Tax Office (NAV), one-third of young adults work in Hungary besides school. In 2015 more than 1600 student associations supported 120 thousand students to find a part-time or summer job. Students conracts have some benefits in terms of tax-paying, those who attend a school, college or universitiy in full time, need to pay only personal income tax (15%). With parental permission, students can apply for summer jobs as soon as they turn 15.