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Stronger Cultural Ties Between Hungary and Turkey

admin 2014.06.30.

Secretary of State for Culture Dr. Péter Hoppál welcomed Oguz Öcal, President of Turkish National Commission for UNESCO. The meeting took place in Pécs at the Kodály Center, where the shape of a new agreement formulated regarding several cultural matters.

Among others, the meeting included talking points regarind the two countries common folk heritage, with possible research on the common roots of Hungarian and Turkish cuisine. The Secretary of State emphasized that it is in Hungary’s interest to have the possible findings presented in the broadest possible ways, maintaining traditions and inspiring others to learn more about our common past.

The Turkish party hailed Hungary’s work in preserving its Turkish cultural heritage, especially thanking the country for its tenacious work in uncovering Sultan Suleiman’s final resting place. The meeting, which is part of the country’s new east-oriented foreign policy, was the first step in a set of negotiations to come, which could bring together people, strengthening the cultural and economic ties between Hungary and Turkey.

Photo: Ministry of Human Resources