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The Strength Of Pasta – Spaghetti Bridge Building World Championship 2016 At Óbuda University

By Robert Velkey // 2016.05.27.

Build a bridge from spaghetti? Is it a game, or a serious task? Well, the answer is definite. Irrespective of its material, to build a strong and fine looking bridge is a serious engineering task. The spaghetti bridges building competitions is a tradition spanning through several decades. RECCS is the contest of the strongest bridges made of pasta.


The first Spaghetti Bridge Competition at Óbuda University was organized in 2003. In the forthcoming years, the Hungarian students kept achieving exceptionally high results and tried themselves at a larger competitions. The highest ranked spaghetti bridge competition in that time was the contest organized in Canada by Okanagan University College. In 2005, Óbuda University organized the first international contest – on regional level RECCS 2005 – Carpathian Basin Contest. Since 2010 the University organizes Central European Championship where beside the countries of the neighboring region there are competitors coming from Iran and Italy.

The winner is the strongest engineerin g work, so the bridge which has  the biggest load capacity. This year, the winning team  built a pasta structure with almost half a tonne’s load capacity. Yes, it means you could walk over the bridge… if it was bigger. The students of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár) – ethnic Hungarians Csaba Zajzon, Gábor Szász, Lénárd Ambrus and Róbert Bálint -, from Romania, had a structure weighing 984 units.