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Strasbourg Court Rejects Mol Chief Hernádi’s Plea against Croatia

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.09.26.

The European Court of Human Rights has turned down an appeal by Zsolt Hernádi, head of Hungarian oil and gas company Mol, against Croatian authorities, which issued a European warrant against him.

In his appeal, tendered to the Strasbourg court in 2015, Hernádi complained that the European warrant and Croatia’s detention orders prevented him from leaving Hungary.

According to the decision, “the applicant had not complied with the Court’s admissibility requirements as he had not properly raised this complaint before the Croatian courts”.

Hungary’s MOL Chief Taken Off Of Interpol’s Wanted List Despite Croatian Efforts

In its decision, the court said that Hernádi had “essentially directed his arguments at the decision to order his pre-trial detention, and had not submitted any specific arguments about the violation of his freedom of movement”.

MOL: Croatia Puts Political Considerations Above INA’s Best Commercial Interest

Croatian authorities believe that Hernadi had given former Croatian PM Ivo Sanader 10 million euros as a bribe to help Mol obtain a stake in the management of Croatia’s Mol-INA oil company.

Featured photo by Zoltán Gergely Kelemen/MTI