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Storm Ciara Reaches Hungary With More Than 100km/h Winds

Fanni Kaszás 2020.02.10.

A storm called Ciara has reached Western Europe yesterday, with great damages in the Netherlands, Germany and parts of Austria. Today, the cyclone is reaching Hungary, arriving over the capital in the late evening. The National Meteorological Service predicts extreme wind, which may speed up to 90-100 km/h, on Monday night mainly in the Transdanubian counties, but on Tuesday in the whole country.

In the countries concerned, the cyclone blown away everything, produced life-threatening situations, paralyzed air and train traffic in many places, flooded rivers and damaged cars and houses as well. According to a statement from the National Directorate General for Disaster Management, Ciara may pull trees off the ground, break wires, damage the roof structure of houses, cause traffic disruption and obstruction, so it is really important to prepare for the powerful winds.

The western Hungarian city of Sopron has already been reached by Ciara, with 106 km/h gust in the city, according to Időkép.hu. In Esztergom, Ciara rushes at 95 km/h and Lake Balaton also been reached by the 100km/h storm. In Balatonlelle, the cyclone pulled out a 35-meter tall tree from the ground. Train traffic has also stopped in several places around the country.

Wind Speed Record in Budapest, Storm Uproots Trees, Damages Power Lines across Hungary

They called on the attention of people to close the doors and windows, bring any object that can be picked up by the wind, disconnect electrical equipment, prepare for a power outage during the night. Additionally, do not leave children and patients unattended, and don’t go outside if it is possible.

The disaster management advises that if someone is exposed to the storm under the open sky, act calmly and carefully: seek shelter in buildings and underpasses, avoid trees, protect our eyes, and cling to a pillar or fence against strong winds and leave vehicles as there is only a limited perception of imminent threats inside, such as falling trees. They also advise not to approach torn wires or animals, as their behavior during a storm can be unpredictable. Animals in distress can also be assisted by the Special Animal Rescue Unit, which is on duty today due to the storm.

Featured photo illustration by György Varga/MTI