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Huge Storm Hit Budapest and Hungary Over the Weekend – Photo Gallery!

Fanni Kaszás 2020.06.15.

Yesterday afternoon, a huge rainstorm hit Budapest and flooded the streets of the Hungarian capital and even claimed a life.  The heavy rainfall arrived suddenly with gusty winds and caused problems in several places around Budapest, but also affected the countryside. The thunderstorms and heavy rain challenged the emergency services in many regions of Hungary and in Budapest; firefighters were alerted to more than seventy locations in half an hour.

The storm, lasting several hours, caused damages around the capital, including Nyugati square, Móricz Zsigmond circle, Árkád shopping center, and IKEA near Örs Vezér square. A tree fell across Alkotmány Street, several BKV services stopped intermittently. The storm damaged overhead lines and safety equipment of the railway as well, and although much of the damage has been repaired, delays are expected in some places even on Monday.

The storm also caused trees to fall into streets, damage to cars and flooded several basements and underpasses and caused traffic problems around the country. There was also a victim of the thunderstorm. A 66-year-old woman died in a flash flood in Tótvázsony, Veszprém county on Sunday afternoon, a spokesman for the County Police Headquarters told Hungarian news agency MTI. The woman and her husband wanted to clean the bridge pillar at the end of their garden from the sediment caused by the rain and the subsequent flooding, but she slipped in the water and was swept away by the flash flood for about seventy meters. Although she was pulled out of the water by disaster emergency services, rescuers could not resuscitate her. The police investigated the circumstances of the case in a general administrative procedure.

Weather forecasts also predict showers and thunderstorms for Monday, especially in the eastern and southern parts of the country.

Budapest, Oktogon. (Péter Lakatos/MTI)

Budapest, District X. (Zoltán Mihádák/MTI)

Budapest, Alkotmány street. (Zoltán Mihádák/MTI)

Budapest, District XII. (Péter Lakatos/MTI)

Szolnok, underpass (János Mészáros/MTI)

Szolnok, underpass (János Mészáros/MTI)

Pilisborosjenő. (Péter Lakatos/MTI)

Pilisborosjenő. (Péter Lakatos/MTI)

Thunderstorm in Salgótarján. (Péter Komka/MTI)

Budapest, District XI, Park Tenis Club, with the Danubius Hotel Flamenco in the background. (Lajos Soós/MTI)

featured photo: Péter Komka/MTI