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Steven Gerrard Sent Good Wishes to Hungarian Goalie Ádám Bogdán after his Injury

Tom Szigeti 2016.12.08.

The Hungarian goalkeeper was injured recently, and is recovering in Liverpool.

Ádám Bogdán was injured on November 21st, during a match against Barnsley. The goalkeeper had been on loan to Wigan Athletic, and was playing for Wigan in the game. The injury occurred in the fifty-ninth minute, when the goalie injured his right knee. The injury turned out to be a torn ligament, and Bogdán underwent surgery this past Tuesday, December 6th. The recovery process will take between six to nine months. His exchange contract was terminated after the damage.

“Fortunately, the surgery was successful, I can leave the hospital soon and the rehabilitation is about to start in Liverpool. I am grateful for the opportunity to play at Wigan Athletic, and I am really happy to meet such great people at the club. I wish all the best for them as well.” – he posted on Facebook.

He has received many cheering comments and messages, but one was unique among them: “Get well soon, fella”. That comment was made by the legendary former Liverpool team captain Steven Gerrard.

Gerrard retired from professional soccer this past November, and in the meantime, it has become clear he is going to continue his career at Liverpool as part of the team’s coaching staff. Sadly, Bogdán and Gerrard probably won’t play in the same team in the future. In the aftermath of his injury, there is little chance of Bogdán receiving a new contract from Liverpool.


Via MTI,, and the Daily Mirror

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