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Stephen W. Kuffler Research Scholarships Handed Out

Ferenc Sullivan 2014.12.09.

Research scholarships granted by the Stephen W. Kuffler Foundation have been handed out for the second time, this year to four outstanding university student of medicine, phsyiotherapy and biology today in the building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The foundation, named after Hungarian-born neoroscientist and Harvard professor Stephen W. Kuffler, aims to preserve the values and promote the development of medical sciences through the support of scientific and/or research excellence. Its undertakings include supporting study visits, research activity and participation at conferences of young researchers living both in Hungary and abroad. It conveys the Stephen W. Kuffler Award in acknowledgement of scientific excellence to young researchers active in Central Europe.

This year’s winners of the Stephen W. Kuffler Research Scholarships are 24-year-old medical student at Semmelweis University Péter Tibor Dancs, 28-year physiotherapist MSc student at Semmelweis University Csilla Kata Karóczi, 21-year-old Biology MSc student at Szent István University Márton Mayer and 21-year-old Biology MSc student az Eötvös Loránd University Anna Molnár.

The foundation was established by Hungarian-born Péter Somogyi, professor of neurobiology and director of the Medical Research Council Anatomical  Neuropharmacology Uniot at the University Department of Pharmacology, Oxord. When Mr. Somogyi received the Semmelweis-Budapest Prize in recognition for his professional achievements in November 2012, he announced in his lecture that he is dedicating the ten thousand euro prize to the establishment of a foundation named after Stephen W. Kuffler (1913-1980) on the centenary of his birth. In addition to “Steve”s former students and colleagues, the initiative was also joined by the world’s leading neuroscientists. Generous donations from the family, representatives of the scientific community and members of the public supportive of these objectives enabled the Stephen W. Kuffler Research Foundation to begin operation in October 2013.

The foundation’s Board of Trustees is chaired by Zoltán Nusser, research professor and member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Among many other dignitaries, supporters of the foundation include Professor of Pharmacology Szilveszter E. Vizi, member and former chairman of the Hungarian Academy and Sciences, who also sits on the advisory board, other members of which include Nobel Prize winners Eric R. Kandel and Torsten Wiesel.

via kuffler.org
photo: Stephen W. Kuffler (1913-1980)