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Steel City, Grey Lights: A Selection of Works from Hungarian Photo Artist Imre Benkő

By Tom Szigeti // 2016.12.22.

Recently, Hungarian news site published a selection of works from award-winning Hungarian Photo Artist Imre Benkő.

Benkő is the recipient of both the Prima Primissima Prize (Hungarian Visual Arts Category), as well as the Béla Balázs Award. His work has been displayed around the world in 70 individual and several hundred group exhibitions. His works can be found in many important national collections, galleries, and private collections.

Imre Benkő began his acquaintance with photography in 1963; he later attended photo reporting classes, then completed his studies in the Youth Photographic Art Studio. From 1968 he was a member of the Hungarian Correspondence Office, and from 1986 he worked, first for Képes 7 magazine, before becoming Europa Magazine’s chief photo reporter. From 1988 to 2000, Benkő taught documentary photography at the Hungarian University of Applied Arts. Since 1993 he has worked on photo series as an independent artist. He has been a member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts since 2012.

Below, one can see a small selection of Benkő’s work:

Bar. Havana, Cuba. 1985

Bar. Havana, Cuba, 1985

Repairmen, Gas Furnace Factory, Ózd, 1989.

Repairmen, Gas Furnace Factory, Ózd, 1989


Gubacsi Street. Budapest, 1983.

Gubacsi Street. Budapest, 1983


Hajógyári-sziget. Budapest, 2003

Hajógyári-sziget. Budapest, 2003


Solar Eclipse. Siófok, 1999

Solar Eclipse. Siófok, 1999


Miklós and Árpád Tajti. Budapest, 2004

Miklós and Árpád Tajti. Budapest, 2004

You can see the entire gallery of Benkő’s works at


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Photo copyright Imre Benkő