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Statue of 1st Post-Communist President Unveiled in Budapest

A statue of Árpád Göncz, Hungary’s first post-communist president between 1990 and 2000, was unveiled in a Budapest district, on Friday.

Addressing the ceremony, András Gulyás, the head of the Árpád Göncz Foundation, said the former president, a one-time writer, translator and dissident, had dedicated his entire life to relentlessly fighting for the cause of democracy.

József Tóth, the mayor of the 13th district, said that Göncz kept to his high moral standards when serving in the highest office.

Árpád Göncz died on October 6, 2015, at the age of 93. The centre of the district was named after him in 2016.

via MTI
featured photo by Lajos Soós/MTI