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Statistics Show Dramatic Increase In Emigration From Hungary To The West

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2015.11.27.

Emigration from Hungary to Great Britain and Germany has accelerated dramatically between 2012 and 2014, according to statistical data obtained by the Hungarian daily newspaper Magyar Nemzet. These reveal that in Germany, the number of Hungarians in employment has increased by 70 per cent in this period, while the growth in Great Britain was 57 per cent over the same time. Because many work unofficially, the genuine figures could be substantially higher, according to an article published in today’s edition of the paper.

80 000 Hungarians were working in Germany and 55 000 in Great Britain in 2014, according to statistics. However, these figures exclude not only unregistered employees but also workers registered on the minumum wage in Hungary who, in reality, work abroad and receive supplementary payments through unofficial channels. The total number of Hungarians working abroad is estimated at between 350 000 and 500 000 people.

A further, relatively large, group is comprised of employees based in Hungary who make the journey to their workplace abroad, typically in Austria, every day. According to official figures, 69 000 Hungarians were employed at a workplace in the country’s western neighbour.

Over the previous year, Hungarians working abroad sent home some 920 billion forints, according to the Central Statistical Office (KSH).

photo: László Beliczay/MTI