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Statistics: Half of All Hungarians Can’t Afford a One-Week Annual Holiday

Tom Szigeti 2017.08.02.

According to data compiled by European statistical agency Eurostat, just over half (50.7%) of all Hungarians could not afford to take a one-week holiday away from home this past year.

The report, which examined people 16 and older, found that around a third of the EU’s population (32.9%) cannot afford a vacation away from home.

You can view a graph summarizing Eurostat’s data below:

The best countries in this regard were Sweden, Luxembourg, Denmark, Finland, Austria, the Netherlands, and Germany: in all of these countries, over 80% of the population can afford to take a week-long trip. In fact, in the case of Sweden, the leader in this category, less than 10% of the population was unable to take such a holiday.

At 50.7%, Hungary is at the lower end of the scale, although it is also one of the countries that saw the most significant improvement since 2011, when just under 65% of all Hungarians could not afford to travel. In other words, this is an improvement of over 15 percentage points.

Overall, Hungary ranks 6th from the bottom in Eurostat’s analysis, ahead of Cyprus, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania.

The percentage of Hungarians who could not afford to take a one-week annual holiday away from home last year stood at 44.6% for families with two adults and a single dependent child and at just 33.4% for families with two adults and two dependent children.

You can view Eurostat’s data-set in detail here.

Via Eurostat, MTI, and Hungary Matters

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