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Statement by Hungary Today

Hungary Today 2015.03.08.

Hungary Today issues the following statement in rejection of the several pieces of incorrect information and false suggestions in connection with the Hungary Today news website and its publisher, the Friends of Hungary Foundation, in an entry on the blog entitled Hungarian Spectrum, authored by Eva S. Balogh.

  • Hungary Today is a project run exclusively by the Friends of Hungary Foundation. Contrary to the claims made by Eva S. Balogh, the Foundation has never received or applied for state funding and covers its operation costs exclusively from private and corporate donations. The Foundation is committed to transparency and has accordingly made available all information concerning its operation and objectives on its website. Eva S. Balogh may gain insight into the Foundation herself by visiting its website. We regret her failure to gather appropriate information before publishing her article.
  • Hungary Today is proud of its name and the growing popularity of its brand. As opposed to what is suggested by Eva S. Balogh’s article, we do not consider the Russia Today media group exemplary. The name is, in fact, used by well-known and respected media outlets such as USA Today, Ukraine Today or History Today.
  • Hungary Today is committed to providing its readers with factual information. Our articles published in the Politics, Economics, Culture, Sport and Lifestyle sections follow the rules of factual reportage in all cases and are not modified with commentaries or judgements. We are aware that these are to be drawn by our readers, who are able to make their own conclusions in the possession of credible information. Our opinion pieces are published separately, in the Blog section, in every case.

Finally, we consider it both professionally unethical and morally incorrect to mislead those interested in Hungarian public life with false information and deceptive conclusions, and are therefore hopeful that the article’s author will correct these included in her piece.
The Hungary Today editorial team