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State Secy to CNN: Hungarian Parliament Led by Hungarian People

Hungary Today 2018.12.18.

The Hungarian Parliament is led by the Hungarian people, Zoltán Kovács, state secretary for international communications, said in a Monday evening interview to CNN.

Kovács noted the Fidesz government had won two-thirds of the seats in parliament in a free and open election decided by the Hungarian people.

Responding to questions about opposition protests in recent days, Kovács said the opposition does not represent the majority of Hungarians.

Scenes of demonstrations in news reports over recent days are evidence of political action taken against the government, he said. Selected footage of alleged police violence was, in fact, a reaction to violent crowd behaviour, he added.

He said was surprising that the international media had not reported the country’s strong economic and wage growth and low unemployment instead.

Regarding the law allowing voluntary overtime, he said claims made by the opposition were unfounded, and any overtime would depend on the employer and employee coming to an agreement.

Asked about the new law on setting up an administrative court system, Kovács said the legislation was “in line with EU approaches and standards”.

Kovács said criticism of the government was being directed by NGOs backed by US billionaire George Soros. He added that Soros believed he had a right to interfere in the affairs of a democratically elected parliament.

via MTI