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State Secretary Slams NYT, The Guardian on Hungary Coverage

Hungary Today 2018.12.06.

In an ironically worded entry on the website abouthungary.hu, Zoltán Kovács, the state secretary for international communication and relations at the Prime Minister’s Office, slammed coverage of recent Hungarian events in English-speaking left-leaning media outlets.

Kovács wrote that at The New York Times, “the editors and publishers … are hot and bothered about the [Hungarian] prime minister’s ‘right-wing, nativist, nationalist politics.’ They’re so woke.”

He added that this week, “the Manhattan clique is joined … by a columnist at The Guardian, a former professor at CEU by coincidence, who mourns the sad day when the CEU was forced out of Hungary,” referring to the Central European University’s announcement to relocate its US-accredited courses to Vienna.

“Except it wasn’t,” Kovács said, and goes on to say that the Közép-Európai Egyetem, the part of CEU that is fully accredited in Hungary, continues to operate in Budapest.

“To progressive elitism … the most perilous threat comes from the democratically elected governments of nation states who dare to defend the Judeo-Christian roots of our European culture, our national identity and sovereignty and say no to unbridled immigration,” Kovács concludes.

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