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State Secy: EC ‘Systematically Working to Weaken Effective Action against Migration’

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.06.11.

The state secretary for international communications said on Wednesday that the European Commission ‘is working systematically to weaken effective action against migration”.

Zoltán Kovács reacted to a statement by EC Vice President Vera Jourova calling earlier in the day “fake news” one of the questions of the Hungarian government’s forthcoming “National Consultation” questionnaire.

The question concerns the issue of migration, Kovács said, citing it as “Brussels is making preparations to attack the Hungarian constitution’s provisions concerning immigration and wants to force us to change those rules”.

New National Consultation Questions Published by Gov’t

“But, contrary to what the EC vice president said, the truth is that the European Commission systematically attacked every measure the Hungarian government implemented to strengthen Europe’s borders and enhance border protection,” he said.

The previous European Commission “mounted a political attack” against Hungary over the fence it erected along its southern border and cooperated with NGOs that “openly organise and support illegal migration”, Kovács said.

He noted that the EC had launched an infringement procedure against Hungary in connection with its transit zones and the “Stop Soros” law.

“All this goes to show that the Commission is working systematically to weaken European border protection and deprive the member states, especially Hungary, of their effective means against illegal migration,” he said.

Featured photo by Tibor Illyés/MTI 

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