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State Secy: Attempts Made to Suppress Anti-Migration Voices in Brussels

Hungary Today 2018.12.13.

Attempts are being made to suppress anti-migration voices in Europe, Zoltán Kovács, Hungarian state secretary for international communications, said on Wednesday in Brussels.

Zoltán Kovács told a press conference in front of the European Parliament (EP) headquarters that whereas European liberals had not even requested permission to launch their own mobile billboard with an advert attacking the Hungarian government, the Hungarian van with its own message was stopped by the local authorities and the advertisement was ordered to be taken down.

This is a good example of double standards and attempts to suppress anti-migration voices.”

Kovács spoke next to the mobile billboard sent from Hungary to Brussels with an advert depicting Liberal EP party leader Guy Verhofstadt with the message in English: “Hundreds have died in terrorist attacks since 2015 but Guy Verhofstadt says: ‘We don’t have a migration crisis’. That is insane!”.

The van sent by the Hungarian government will drive along the streets in the Belgian capital until Friday.

via MTI