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State of Emergency: Fidesz MEP Szájer Calls for End to ‘Irresponsible Shouts of Protest from Outside’

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.23.

Hungarian MEP József Szájer has called for an end to “irresponsible shouts of protest from the outside” in reaction to Czech MEP Radka Maxova’s complaint sent to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen concerning Hungary’s bill to extend the current state of emergency.

Pro-government website mandiner.hu reported that Maxova had asked Von der Leyen to take action because of the perceived unconstitutionality of Hungary’s bill. Szájer said in an entry published on mandiner.hu on Monday that Maxova’s claim, according to which the bill would put the constitutional order of state under threat, was “nonsense”.

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Szájer said several European countries were using extraordinary powers, each in line with their unique constitutional traditions. He cited the example of France, saying a state of emergency had been in force there “for longer than one can remember”.

“What we Hungarians do when we cannot rely on anybody else should be left for us to decide,” he said.

Szájer criticised Hungarian opposition parties and some elements of the press for giving priority to “the shrewd game of acquiring power” over strengthening the protective powers of the community.

“They have now been joined … by the usual international brigade headed by Radka Maxova”, he said.

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Szájer insisted that the majority of Hungarians were satisfied with the measures that the government introduced in the first two weeks of the state of emergency, and surveys, he insisted, showed that many demanded even stricter ones.

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