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The Hungarian Liberal Party’s financial statements for 2017 and 2018 fail to give a reliable and true picture of its finances, the State Audit Office (ÁSZ) said in a statement on Friday.

The auditor has made eight remedy proposals to ensure transparency and accountability in connection with 95 million forints (EUR 264,000) of central budget funding.

The statement said the party had misled the public and its own members.

The state auditor assesses the management of parties that receiving regular budget support every two years to ensure transparency and accountability. The auditor said it found lapses in its accounting of income and expenses, among other issues.

The state auditor has called on the party’s leader to draft an action plan within 30 days, taking into account the auditor’s proposals.

In a statement in response, the Liberals accused László Domokos, the audit office’s head, of doing the bidding of “his former party, Fidesz”, adding that the auditor’s accusations were “totally unfounded”. The party insisted that its financial statements were transparent and its operations complied with Hungarian laws.

Liberals: Over Two-fifths of Hungarians Say Audit Office Lacks Independence
Liberals: Over Two-fifths of Hungarians Say Audit Office Lacks Independence

A survey commissioned by the opposition Hungarian Liberal Party has found that 44 percent of Hungarians are not convinced of the State Audit Office’s independence. Liberal politician Áddm Sermer told a press conference on Wednesday that (leftist) market researcher Závecz’s survey found that only 24 percent considered the institution independent, while 32 percent did not […]Continue reading

The statement added that investigations by the national tax and customs office following state audit office reports had always confirmed that its operations were unimpeachable.

featured image: Liberal Party leader Anett Bősz; via Facebook