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SQM Prices in Hungary’s Most Expensive Street Equal to an Entire House in the Cheapest

Fanni Kaszás 2018.11.21.

According to statistics from 2018, there is a significant difference in price per square meter between the most expensive and inexpensive areas. The price of an entire house located in a cheaper neighborhood is equal to that of a one square meter flat in a pricier one.

The Central Statistical Office and reported that the most affordable street is Hunyadi utca in Mélykút, south Hungary. Here, it’s possible to buy a house for 17,000 forints (EUR 52) per square meter. The second cheapest area is Vécs with 23,000 forints (EUR 71) per square meter. At the other end of the scale is Lechner Ödön fasor in Budapest’s IX District with an average price per square meter as high as 1,492,000 forints (EUR 4 642). On the other side of the Danube, prices can reach up to 1,451,000 forints (EUR 4 514) in Bem rakpart. For this amount, a family could purchase a small house in Mélykút. The most expensive district in Budapest—according to 2018 statistics—is District V. with four streets listed in the top ten.

The statistics detailing the highest prices in the countryside are from 2017. Last year, Siófok’s Vitorlás street was listed as the most expensive area with flats priced at around 781,000 forints (EUR 2 429) per square meter. Honvéd street, located in Balatonfüred near Lake Balaton, follows closely with a price tag of 737,000 forints (EUR 2 293). The latter was the priciest city in the countryside as four out of the ten most expensive streets could be found there. These prices are tenfold more than the cheapest flats in Budapest.

The cheapest street in Budapest is the infamous Hős utca with 75,000 forints (EUR 233) per square meter. Despite being located between the University of National Defence and the headquarters of the Police Intervention Force, it’s regarded as one of the worst areas in the capital.

During a police operation last summer, 82 arrests were made in just one week. The area was under heavy police surveillance, with sometimes as many as 40-50 officers on the street at one time. The previous crime streak justified drastic measures: a young woman was attacked on the train; young people kicked a dog off a tram; a dead body was found near the metro station and an infamous drug dealer was brought to justice.