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Spat as Socialist Tries to Deliver EC’s Response on Govt Migration Campaign to Fidesz HQ

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.03.04.

An opposition Socialist MEP, who tried to deliver a copy of the European Commission’s critical response to the government’s migration campaign to the ruling Fidesz party’s HQ in Budapest, was stopped from entering the building on Sunday.

Fidesz MEP Tamás Deutsch said István Ujhelyi had turned up to the headquarters, the venue of a Fidesz press conference, “unnecessarily”.

Ujhelyi said in a statement that he had gone to the press conference to give Deutsch a chance to defend the government’s poster campaign, which he called a “big lie”.

At an impromptu press conference outside the building, the Socialist MEP accused the government of spreading “big lies” as part of a propaganda campaign, not only against the opposition parties but also against the European Commission.

Ujhelyi told MTI that he had intended to hand over to Deutsch a copy of the commission’s refutation of claims made by the government as well as a copy of the Socialist Party’s “Homeland. Love. Europe” programme which outlines the Socialists’ European vision and commitments which are “radically opposed to Fidesz’s lies”.

He said it was “pathetic” that Fidesz held briefings behind closed doors and was afraid of a real public debate.

Deutsch, at his press conference, said the plans of Brussels with regard to migration were vastly similar to those of financier George Soros.

On the featured photo: MEP István Ujhelyi. Photo by European Parliament