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Spanish Superstar Antonio Banderas Explores Budapest’s Christmas Market: Video!

Tom Szigeti 2017.12.06.

Two days ago, Spanish actor Antonio Banderas posted a video of himself walking through Budapest’s Christmas market to his Facebook page and Instagram pages. In the video’s caption, the international star asked his fans “Care to join me in Budapest?”

The video, which you watch below, also had a second, Spanish-language caption: “Saludos desde #Budapest. ¿Os venís? (Greetings from #Budapest? Are you coming?)”

Care to join me in Budapest? Saludos desde #Budapest. ¿Os venís? With @nickykim2807 #xmasmarket #hungary #hungria

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In the 22-second clip, Banderas can be seen walking along Christmas market stalls, away from St. Stephen’s Basilica. While walking, he turns to briefly to the camera, and says, in Spanish,

Christmas atmosphere in Budapest. Very Cold!

The star, famous for his roles in films such as Evita, The Mask of Zorro, Interview with the Vampire, and the Shrek franchise, is in the Hungarian capital for the filming of an episode of National Geographic Channel’s well-received series Genius. In this installment, Banderas will portray legendary Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. The show’s first season, which chronicled the life of Albert Einstein, has been nominated for a total of 10 Emmy Awards.

Via,, and Antonio Banderas Facebook page

Image via Antonio Banderas Facebook page

Video via Antonio Banderas Facebook page