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All Souls' Day & All Saint's Day: Hungarians Pay Tribute To Deceased – Gallery!

Tamás Székely 2015.11.02.

Traditionally Hungarians do not carve pumpkins into faces or ride around on brooms either at the turn of October and November. In Hungary “All Souls’ Day” (Halottak napja) is a day of respect and remembrance held in order to commemorate the faithful departed, above all the deceased family members. “All Souls’ Day” is held on 2nd of November following All Saints’ Day (Mindenszentek), which is on the first day of the month in the honour of all Catholic saints.

As a Christian nation since the 11st century, Hungarians close their public establishments on “All Souls’ Day” for the purpose of allowing people to travel to churches for services and for families to visit grave sites. For this occasion cemeteries are repaired and cleaned in Hungary: the graves are ornamented with flowers and wreaths, and lighted with candles and lampions. According to Hungarian folklore the dead might return to their homes on this day.

source: hunglish.org and itshungarian.com photos: MTI