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“Son Of Saul” Director Slams Digitalisation In Die Welt Interview

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.05.27.

László Nemes, the Hungarian director who has just won the Grand Prize at the 68th Cannes International Film Festival for his Holocaust drama “Son of Saul”, has claimed in an interview with the German daily Die Welt that the death of film could bring about the Third World War.

“In the history of film art, digitalisation is the first major step that is actually a step backwards and may even lead to the death of cinema, and if this happens, we can prepare for the Third World War”, he said, stressing that “we are losing cinema with digitalisation”.

The director said that he will fight for the film to premier on celluloid tape because “the magic of cinema has to be preserved”.

On the production of “Son of Saul”, he revealed his failure to find co-production partners in Germany, Austria, France and Israel. Potential partners declined his offer because they did not trust him as a director and found the subject too difficult for a debut film, he explained. However, the Hungarian National Film Fund helped “from every conceivable aspect” and 70 per cent of the the movie’s EUR 1.5 million budget was made up from its support, 20 per cent from tax concessions and 5 per cent from a contribution by the Jewish Claims Conference (JCC).

The director also revealed that despite the fact that the film was brought “by every country, even the Martians”, no distributor has been found in Germany.

via 444.hu
photo: dpa/Guillaume Horcajuelo