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Letették a somlói vár turisztikai fejlesztésének alapkövét

The Castle of Somló will be renewed under the National Castle and National Fort Programs. The cornerstone of the investment was laid down on Friday. State officials expect the renovation to finish next spring. They also hope that the investment will help the region revive its economy through tourism. 

“Thanks to the program, 30 outstanding monuments, 18 castles, and 12 forts will be renewed and enriched with new functions nationwide. 317.5 million HUF (906780,00 EUR) will be spent on the Somló castle. The aim of the program is to enrich historic buildings with an attractive function for many through development and to provide a tourist experience for all ages,” said István György, State Secretary for Territorial Administration of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Historic Castle of Mosonmagyaróvár Renovated
Historic Castle of Mosonmagyaróvár Renovated

The construction of the castle itself began in 1364. The history of the castle is closely intertwined with the high-level educational and scientific activities conducted within its walls.Continue reading

The castle, which was first mentioned in 1352 but likely built after the Mongol Invasion of Hungary in 1241-1242, will see a complete renovation with additional developments. “The openings in the walls will be excavated, the internal walkway will be restored, the partitions and doors will be reconstructed, the courtyard will be paved, drainage will be built, and a green area will be created,” said Tamás Glázer, the managing director of Nemzeti Heritage Protection Development Nonprofit Kft.

He also added that “Veszprém county has a prominent place in the field of the renewal of castles and chateaux, as the Sümeg castle and the bishop’s palace, the castle of Nagyvázsony, and the castle of Várpalota will await visitors in a renewed form.”

Featured photo by Tamás Vasvári/MTI