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Sustainable energy sources are on the rise in Hungary, with consumption of solar energy doubling in 2019, pro-government daily Magyar Hírlap said.

Citing the Hungary’s energy authority (MEKH), the daily said domestic energy production was up six percent in 2019. Domestic consumption at 1,113 PJ was level from the previous year but the size of the various inputs shifted, with solar energy doubling, while the production of bio fuels increased by 6 percent.

Nuclear and fossil-based energy production also rose in 2019, though dirty lignite-based production fell by 13.5 percent and natural gas-based production grew by 18.5 percent.

Sustainable energy resources provided 9.7 percent of the gross energy consumption in Hungary in 2019, MEKH said.

Featured photo illustration by Péter Komka/MTI.