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Photo Exhibition Shows Shocking Conditions Endured by Hungary’s Homeless Population

Robert Velkey 2017.10.06.

In order to help bring attention to the fact that homelessness is a real problem that affects millions of people, the organization Habitat for Humanity Hungary has organized an exhibition with shocking pictures.

Habitat for Humanity Hungary works for a future where “every person can live in a decent home”. They work to realize this by directly supporting those in need and by advocating for the implementation of a fairer and more inclusive housing policy in Hungary.

According to the organization, today in Hungary, housing poverty is not only the result, but also the cause itself, of many social problems. Housing poverty affects 1.5 million people in Hungary. Such a problem requires comprehensive cooperation and a more efficient housing policy in order to be resolved, the organization writes on its website.

Habitat for Humanity Hungary organized a photo exhibition titled ‘Hon vágy’ (Homesickness, or ‘A Desire for a Home’) focusing on the problems  homeless people face, as well their way of life in their improvised ‘homes’.