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A Society Not So Open

By admin // 2014.09.25.

Recently newspapers of the world have been full of reports of civil organisations which are under attack by different state administrations. In Hungary, the story of Foundation Ökotárs is rather well-know, but we can find similar examples even in countries like Australia, where prime minister Tony Abbott has been criticized recently over harassing civil associations. Is it so obvious that those NGOs are the good guys and the democratically elected governments tend to go too far?

Despite the professional PR marketing the fact is that in most cases political and financial background of the NGOs are not transparent at all and their beneficiary circle is very narrow. For instance Foundation Ökotárs has been financed by the Norwegian Fund but in the last couple of years only ideologically reliable civil organisations got the opportunity to submit applications. Moreover, occasionally Ökotárs financed even open political actions against the conservative Hungarian government. Somehow it did not raise concerns in the eyes of the troubled politicians, including US president Barack Obama, EP president Martin Schultz or Norwegian minister, Vidar Helgesen.

Many of the most powerful NGOs are connected to the network of american billionaire George Soros. According to the reports, last year he spent 1 billion dollar on civil associations, which are always ready to promote open society by serving the political and ideological interest of the founder. While in 1948 the United Nations recognized only 48 different NGOs, today 2000 participate regularly in UN events.

via Bálint Ablonczy (Heti Válasz) photo: reuters