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Socialists-Párbeszéd Mark Europe Day

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.05.09.

Only the European Union can guarantee peace and security on the continent, politicians of the opposition Socialist-Párbeszéd alliance said on Thursday, marking Europe Day at a statue of WW2 victims in Budapest.

Historian: Hungary’s Occupation by Nazis in 1944 Was Calculated by the USA and Great Britain to Reduce Their Western Forces

Socialist National Board member Dávid Bihal noted at a press conference that Europe had seen two wars over the past century. He criticised Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for making friends with politicians who are the “enemies of Europe” eager to disrupt unity on the continent.

If one wants to build a successful country in a period of global challenges and climate change, they should work towards a strong and united European Union, Párbeszéd spokesman Richárd Barabás said. When Orbán is “destroying the political unity of Europe”, he is also acting against the interests of Hungary and the Hungarians, he added.

Europe needs to be reformed and must be united in its social, foreign and energy policies, he said.