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MSZP Urges Opposition Coordination for 2022 Election

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.06.25.

The opposition Socialists (MSZP) urged the other opposition parties to begin talks on coordinating for the 2022 general election as early as this summer.

Addressing an online press conference held jointly with the party’s board members, Socialist Party leader Bertalan Tóth said his party’s goal was to unseat the government and usher in a new era in the next election. The Socialists are prepared to begin talks with the other opposition parties and have drafted an election programme, Tóth said.

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On another subject, he said the party congress had approved with a 96 percent majority the Socialist Party’s new charter allowing it to contest primary elections in all 106 electoral districts and select the opposition’s candidate for prime minister in a primary as well.

The delegates also approved the introduction of a co-leader system in the party, Tóth said, adding that he and national board leader Ágnes Kunhalmi would be the ones to run for the positions.

In December 2019 the Socialist Party had already urged the opposition cooperation to draft a programme for 2022 election.

Featured photo illustration by SzilárdKoszticsák/MTI