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The opposition Socialist Party (MSZP) elected Ágnes Kunhalmi and Bertalan Tóth co-leaders in an online congress on Saturday.

Kunhalmi used to be the head of the party’s national board while Tóth had led the Socialists since 2018.

The two co-leaders were supported by 225 of the 261 delegates.

The Socialists amended the party’s rules earlier this year to introduce male and female co-leaders.

István Hiller was elected chairman of the national board.

Addressing the congress, Kunhalmi said the last time Hungary had made a good decision was upon its EU accession in 2004.

“We had to realise, however, that the European Union cannot solve all problems of Hungary and will not save us either. But we, Hungarians, can save the European Union from [Prime Minister Viktor] Orbán, in 2022,” she said, referring to the date of the next general elections.

The European Union is in transition rather than in crisis, and should be transformed on the basis of the federal German model, Kunhalmi said. “We need a European solution rather than an American one,” she added.

Kunhalmi called for close cooperation between the opposition parties, suggesting that they should field a single candidate in each constituency to challenge ruling Fidesz, along with a single list and a single prime minister-candidate.

Tóth said that the congress had confirmed the Socialists’ goals of replacing the government and starting a new epoch.

He accused ruling Fidesz of introducing an autocratic regime, eliminating the republic and the rule of law, limiting prosperity to the selected few and allowing the ruling elite to exploit the majority.

The Socialists will fight to restore democracy, fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, he said.

Further goals include guaranteeing the independence of the judiciary, as well as the freedom of the press, art and education, and putting an end to fear that prevails in Hungary, he said.

featured image: Kunhalmi and Tóth; via Attila Kovács/MTI

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