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Socialists Initiate Referendum on Protection of Lakes

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.07.23.

The Socialist Party is initiating a referendum on the status and protection of public beaches at Hungarian lakes, the head of the party’s board said in Fonyod, at Lake Balaton, on Thursday.

Ágnes Kunhalmi told a press conference that the referendum will contain three questions. The first will ask people whether public beaches on sweetwater lakes should be accessible free of charge. The second and third questions will ask whether parliament should impose a ban on selling public beaches and undertaking constructions on them. Kunhalmi said damages incurred by the local governments should be compensated from the central budget.

Socialists Demand Saving Lake Balaton from Becoming 'Symbol for Oligarchs'
Socialists Demand Saving Lake Balaton from Becoming 'Symbol for Oligarchs'

The opposition Socialists (MSZP) demanded on Sunday that Lake Balaton in western Hungary be saved from becoming a “symbol for oligarchs”, saying it should remain a holiday destination accessible to all Hungarians. Budapest leader of the party Zsolt Molnár said on Facebook that the Socialists would continue a signature drive to prevent the introduction of […]Continue reading

She noted that the Socialists have recently launched a signature campaign to raise awareness of the “problems” regarding Lake Balaton, Hungary’s largest lake. The drive calls for sailboat ports to be left in public ownership and to preserve free beaches on the lake, she said.

Kunhalmi insisted that “oligarchs” connected to the ruling Fidesz party have “started to buy up the Balaton shoreline, along with other lakes” in 2010. The trend picked up in 2016, she said, “elbowing low earners out of the holiday resorts”.

featured photo: Boglárka Bodnár/MTI