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Socialists call for European minimum wage of EUR 750

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.03.28.

The minimum wage in every European Union member state should be raised to at least 750 euros a month, Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi told a press conference in Budapest on Thursday.

The Socialists also suggest that the minimum pension should be 300 euros a month and that the state should pay a monthly subsidy of 150 euros to families per each child, Ujhelyi said.

He added that the EU’s direct agricultural subsidy should be raised to 300 euros per hectare, from the current 219 euros.

Ujhelyi also proposed that the value-added tax should have a 20 percent cap in the community.

Hungary has a top VAT rate of 27 percent.

Concerning the upcoming European parliamentary election, Ujhelyi said that voters would be choosing “between the EU and Orbanistan”. Censuring the prime minister is “not enough”, and the EU should also “do more for the good of the people”.

featured photo by nol.hu