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Socialist Party Calls for Review Of Hungary’s Lockdown Measures

Péter Cseresnyés 2021.01.26.

Following Far-right party Mi Hazánk, the Socialists have also started criticizing the Orbán government for the lockdown measures in effect. The party’s MEP called for the review of the current restrictions.

István Ujhelyi believes that during the epidemic “the government has exploited” and shown no solidarity towards the service sector which has reached its limit, so now actions must be taken.

The politician called the government’s restrictions imposed last November ‘reckless,’ adding that it is time for a deliberate and clever redesign of the regulations for certain services.

Catering Businesses Start to Rebel against Restrictions
Catering Businesses Start to Rebel against Restrictions

After months of struggling to stay in business due to the sharp drop in revenues caused by pandemic restrictions, certain catering businesses in Hungary are beginning to announce their re-opening in opposition of the government. In an act of rebellion against restrictions, Központ (Center), a pub in Madách Square, Budapest, opened its doors for take-out […]Continue reading

As an example, Ujhelyi mentioned the government decree that introduced restrictions that allow religious communities to hold their rites “in accordance with the general rules” but at their own discretion.

According to Ujhelyi, if the operators of theaters, cinemas, circuses, dance and music performances undertake to comply with strict regulations and a likely reduced revenue, then reopening them should be considered. Ujhelyi believes it is unreasonable that while we ride busy buses, children go to primary school, we line up in malls and shops one after the other, wildlife parks, zoos and outdoor attractions have to be closed.

More and more opposition parties raise their voice against the lockdown measures

Hungarian non-parliamentary far-right party Mi Hazánk (Our Homeland) was the first in Hungary to openly criticize the government’s lockdown measures demanding catering places, gyms, swimming pools, theaters, and sports halls to be reopened.

On Monday, Tamás Soproni, the opposition mayor of Budapest’s VI district, also raised the issue of the possible easing of the restrictions as they have already caused enormous damage to many people in Hungary.

Anti-Lockdown Parties Emerge in Hungary
Anti-Lockdown Parties Emerge in Hungary

As frustration with strict coronavirus restrictions grows worldwide, more and more political parties are trying to reach out to people who oppose lockdown measures. In Hungary, the far-right party Mi Hazánk is trying to address this group of voters, but a new party tied to Hungary’s most well-known coronavirus skeptic also seems to be emerging. […]Continue reading

The liberal Momentum party’s politician emphasized that he was not asking for the lifting of restrictions, only for the government to examine whether all the current epidemiological measures are indeed necessary.

Seemingly, the political leadership understands the severity of the situation. Even Zoltán Kovács, the state secretary for international communications and relations, called the impatience of those in the food industry understandable.

But the Orbán government has long been stressing that reopening restaurants and other catering facilities depends on how quickly Hungary can get ahold of vaccines and have the population vaccinated.

Featured photo by Lajos Soós/MTI