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Socialist MEP Sends Leaflets to EPP MEPs

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.02.27.

Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi on Tuesday sent to all members of the European People’s Party (EPP) a two-page leaflet decrying the Hungarian government’s campaign and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s policy.

Ujhelyi said that the leaflet presents the government’s “deceptive Juncker-Soros ad hoardings campaign” on the one side. On the other, it reminds members of Fidesz’s party family that “in Viktor Orbán, they are harbouring a man in the party family who has crossed the red line the EPP has set multiple times”, he said.

“EPP group leader Manfred Weber has said countless times that Fidesz has crossed the line. Still, the EPP continues to look the other way…”, Ujhelyi said.

German Political Right Slams Fidesz over New Govt Campaign

Fidesz’s latest billboard campaign, which portrays the EU leadership as pro-migration conspirators, is an attack on its own party family, he said.

On the featured photo MEP István Ujhelyi.