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Smog Alerts Issued Yet Again in Hungary

Tom Szigeti 2017.01.31.

In a continuation of what has been a repeated problem over the course of the past month, thirteen Hungarian municipalities have issued air-quality warnings, according to Hungarian wire service MTI.

The National Health Center (OKK) announced today that air quality in multiple Hungarian cities has reached dangerous levels due to yet another round of smog in the country.

The cities that have received the highest smog designation, where air quality is most dangerous, are Budapest, Dorog, Vác, Salgótarján, Eger, Putnok, Kazincbarcika, Sajószentpéter, Miskolc, Oszlár, Debrecen, Nyíregyháza and Hernádszurdok. These cities all currently have a “red” status.

You can see one of Budapest’s air quality meters below:

A photo posted by Mátyás Arató (@shongohan) on

The meter is currently at the “very polluted” level.

And additional seven municipalities are at an “orange” level, meaning that they are experiencing significant air pollution due to smog as well.

The western half of the country has experienced less smog, but the OKK has warned that air quality there is not particularly high either.

Speaking to MTI yesterday, the Budapest Mayor’s office said that the capital city’s smog warning will continue, and added that vehicular travel restrictions will be brought back starting on Wednesday.

Naturally, Hungarian Instagrammers have taken to the streets, and the internet, to document this latest bout of smog. Below, you can see a very interesting before and after photo of the Hungarian capital.

The captions read “two weeks ago” and “in smog.”

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Images via MTI and Instagram