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Hungarian Success at International Informatics Student Olympiad

Csongor Szij 2021.06.30.

The online competition originally held in Singapore has seen a huge Hungarian success. Three out of the four contenders from the Hungarian team won a medal at the International Informatics Student Olympiad (IOI), the János Neumann Computer Science Society writes.

One silver and two bronzes. These are the medals the students have won. Gellért Tóth, a 12th grade student of the Árpád High School at Óbuda, received the silver medal, and Péter Varga, a student of the same grade from the same high school, took home a bronze medal.  Kornél Szabó, a 12th grader at the Mihály Fazekas High School in Budapest, also won a bronze medal. The fourth member of the Hungarian team, Márton Németh, is in the 10th grade of Batthyány High School in Nagykanizsa. For him, the IOI 2021 primarily served as an opportunity to gain experience, since it was his first international competition.

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Due to the global pandemic, the olympiad was organized online, but it was still able to gather 351 contenders from 88 countries. The competition took place from 19 to 25 June 2021, the official results were announced on Monday afternoon, 28 June.

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