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Shell Fuel Mix-Up: Delivery Company’s Chauffeur Made the Mistake

Ábrahám Vass 2019.10.03.

It was the driver of an external transport company whose mistake caused the fuel mix-up at Shell’s Füredi Str. branch (Budapest’s 14th district). As a consequence, the wrong fuel was tanked in about a thousand cars almost two weeks ago. 

It happened at MOL’s refinery, at the discharge of petrol and diesel into the Klacska company’s carrier truck where the driver interchanged diesel and petrol on the transport shipping receipt.

In the future, Shell will prevent similar mistakes by ordering different amounts of petrol and diesel, as they claim in this way, the error could have been easily detected at an earlier stage.

Nightmare at the Petrol Station: Shell Mixes up Fuels

As the problem wasn’t noticed for more than a day and a half, it affected approximately a thousand drivers. Half of those have thus far made themselves known to the company, whose insurance experts have contacted three hundred to date. Shell, of course, promised compensation for damages caused by the fuel mix-up.

featured image: illustration; by Pixabay