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Is Sharing Economy The Future Or The End: AirBnB Is Under Attack


AirBnB was founded in the United States in 2008. By today, it has become one of the leading companies on the apartment market. The method used by AirBnB is similar to Uber’s and is based on the concept of “sharing economy”. If somebody has an unused apartmet, he can share it with others at a certain rate- The method has unfolded in Hungary too, pretty much. The idea is really nice and humane, what is the problem with this?


In the United States, 28,5% of the incomes became wages, so this percentage shows the number of users who “made it a profession” in an illegal, tax-free way. On the European part, in a study about the effect of the sharing economy, we can find that it caused a 270 million euro loss of tax revenue. However, you can find in several times a more confortable place to stay as a hotel, and you can get a key of an apartment, get a home for your visiting time.


The representatives of the hotel industry discussed the question of the sharing economy on the biggest hotel industry conference of the world (ITB) in Berlin, last week. The HOTREC, the umbrella association of Hotels, Restaurants and Cafés in Europe recommended registration for  online services. According to the organization, only services abiding by the law should be allowed to operate. The Hungarian Association of Hotels and Restaurants also support the registration of online sharers.