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Seven-Year-Old Girl Recovers from Coronavirus after Ventilation

Hungary Today 2020.04.09.

A seven-year-old girl, who proved positive for the coronavirus has fully recovered and been able to leave the hospital, the Semmelweis University’s website reported.

The little girl had been treated with epilepsy since January at the university’s 1st Department of Paediatrics, and this was the reason for her admittance on March 22 as well. Her condition, however, required anaesthesia and ventilation. Although she hadn’t shown any signs of infection, doctors still decided to conduct a test due to her symptoms, while they were securing her airway.

Three days later, her chest x-ray showed signs of pneumonia, but thanks to the necessary drug therapy and intensive care, on the eighth day, she could be removed from the ventilator while her pulmonary lesions were recovering, and her condition was improving day by day.

Family members and those having treated her were also tested, and thankfully, all of them tested negative.

featured image: illustration; via Tamás Kovács/MTI