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Seven Reasons Why Budapest Is Becoming The New Berlin

Robert Velkey 2016.03.30.

According to the travel portal oyster.com, probably 2016 will be the year of Budapest – for the reason that people have started to recognize that the things that make the German capital Berlin so distinct can be found in Hungary’s largest city too. In 7 points, oyster.com has summarized why Budapest could become the new Berlin:

  1. Ruin Pubs


These Originate from the confused history of the country, and the success of the creativity such as happened in Berlin after fall of the Wall. “Graffitis on the wall, flashbulbs, candles, retro computers on the ceiling, this all means anything can happen” – this is how Oyster puts the atmosphere of Budapest’s ruin pubs into words.

  1. We still can breath the smell of  Communism in the air


Over a period of around fifty years, the cityscape was influenced heavily by the Communist era. This thing makes a vintage and alternative feeling sometimes.

  1. Contemporary art is blooming

image (1)

Not only in ruin and alternative pubs, but also there are plenty of galleries such as INDA, Kisterem and the Ernst Museum, the site writes.

  1. Coffee = Life


Hungarians always used to be a nation of coffee drinkers but the new age of cafés has also reached Hungary. In Oyster’s assessments, the best places in town are GReenpoint, Kreuzberg, Tamp & Pull, Madal or Alibi.

  1. The 7th district… ohh the 7th district


The 7th district is totally the same as the hipster districts of Berlin. There is no question that it is the hipster center of the city. This is the place where old and new meets in a…let me see… hipster way.

  1. Unique place to take a rest


All right, there is no other place like London…no…like the Tempelhof Airport of Berlin, where a place the size of an airport is offered to city-dwellers wishing to take a rest, but the Hungarian capital also has a pretty nice center of recreation. In the island between Buda and Pest, it is a really calm place for picnics, sports, naps, romantic walks, etc.

  1. Cool Markets


We shouldn’t say that the market places of Budapest are better than the Berlin ones but, according to Oyster, there is no other place like the Vásárcsarnok (Market Hall) of Budapest.


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photo: hvg.hu; sziget.hu; bachtrack.com; futas.net; magyarnarancs.hu; hunuk.com; lvs.luxory

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