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Serbian Press: Hungarian Assassin Csaba Dér Hired to Kill Politician

Gábor Sarnyai 2019.03.07.

According to the Serbian press, Csaba Dér, the Hungarian assassin from Vojvodina, was caught preparing to carry out a hit on a Serbian politician last week in Prague.

He allegedly received 50,000 euros from another Serbian politician to do the job. Police discovered fake passports, forged personal EU documents, 9 mm and 22 caliber pistols, ammunition, a silencer, and wigs in his Prague hotel room.

A Serbian-Hungarian Hitmen Has Been Caught by the Czech Police

He is suspected of having killed people in the Netherlands, Budapest, and most recently in Belgrade. Serbia is also expected to request his extradition, according to Serbian police.

Three countries have issued warrants for Dér’s arrest, but it’s still uncertain which will prosecute him. Meanwhile, the Hungarian special police (TEK) arrested Dér’s lover, a woman called Niki, in Kőbánya.