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Semmelweis University Compiling Twin Register

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.03.07.

Semmelweis University is in the process of compiling a register of twins in Hungary in what is projected to become one of the largest medical-related twin databases in the world.

Semmelweis University in a statement on Wednesday noted that thousands of identical and non-identical twins had already joined the Hungarian Twin Register, and now the aim is to induct all Hungary’s twins, with 160,000 to be contacted in the coming weeks.

The scheme opens up new potential discoveries and observations in numerous scientific fields, with disease prevention and the development of more effective treatments in sight.

Also, environmental as opposed to genetic factors of a disease can be explored in identical twins in the case that one suffers from a disease while the sibling is healthy.
Participation is voluntary and free of charge, and strict data protection rules apply.

Research on twins in Hungary began in the 1930s, and the Budapest register of twin births was introduced in 1970. The Hungarian Twin Register was launched in 2007.

Featured photo illustration by Zsolt Czeglédi/MTI