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Security Chief: Hungary Will Not Let Illegal Border Crossers March Towards Austria

By Tamás Székely // 2016.07.26.

Hungary’s government will not be pressured into opening up its borders to migrants, the Prime Minister’s chief domestic security advisor said. György Bakondi told public news channel M1 that protests like the one being planned right now on the border are often not organised by the migrants themselves but by certain civil groups aiming to pressure the Hungarian government into opening up its border “and letting everyone through” to Austria. “This is not going to happen,” Bakondi insisted.

Horgos, 2016. július 25. Szerb rendõrök felügyelnek éhségsztrájkot folytató migránsokra a szerb-magyar határ közelében Horgosnál 2016. július 25-én. Az elõzõ napon a helyszínre 130 migráns érkezett gyalog Belgrádból, akik a tranzitzóna közelében éhségsztrájkot folytatva várják, hogy Magyarország megnyissa a határt elõttük. MTI Fotó: Molnár Edvárd

Group of illegal migrants are holding a hunger strike near Horgos at the Hungary-Serbia border

On Sunday 130 of the 300-400 migrants who had set off from Belgrade to Serbia’s northern border late last week arrived at the Horgos-Röszke border zone demanding passage through Hungary to western Europe, Bakondi said. The migrants, mainly from Afghanistan and Pakistan, planned to start a hunger strike in protest of Hungary’s tightened border rules. However, none of the 130 migrants who arrived on Sunday have submitted asylum requests to Hungarian authorities, the advisor said. A total of 166 people attempted to cross Hungary’s southern border illegally between Sunday midnight and 6am on Monday, indicating that the migration pressure there is unlikely to ease anytime soon, he added.

Meanwhile the chief of Hungary’s national police said at a ceremony in Budapest that Hungary has sent a new police unit to help patrol the Macedonian-Greek border. The 25-strong unit will serve at the post for a month. This is the sixth contingent Hungary is sending to Macedonia, Károly Papp said, noting that 78 Hungarian police officers served there on five previous missions before. Over the past 12 months about 270 Hungarian police officers have served on foreign missions in ten countries, including Slovenia, Serbia and Greece in addition to Macedonia.

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