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Secondary School Final Exams: Hungarian Students’ Academic Performance Deteriorating, Data Shows

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.07.16.

This year’s “medium-level” secondary school final exams in Mathematics and Hungarian Language have produced worse results than last year, the daily newspaper Magyar Nemzet reports, citing data provided by the Hungarian Educational Authority.

Results in basic-level Mathematics, which are the worst in six years, give cause for special concern, the article says. On a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 means failure and 5 is the top grade,  averaged at 2.84 this year, out of a total of 77 000 papers written by students. Basic-level Hungarian Language results averaged at 3.53, also a setback from previous years.

The so-called “medium-level”, basic exams are taken by all Hungarian final-year secondary school students at institutions which provide a high school graduation certificate. Increasingly, students applying for university have to opt for one or two advanced-level final examinations in their area of future study to have a chance of entering better universities. Results also serve as the basis of calculating university admission points.

A combination of results in all subjects at medium-level produces a national average of 3.43 for 2015.

A total of 115 000 people took final exams in the May-June period, of which 80 000 finished secondary school this year. Students took a total of 446 000 final exams, of which 6741 papers failed (1.5%) failed to reach the 20 per cent pass threshold. Over 3000 students failed in Mathematics and some 1000 in Hungarian Language.

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photo: 168ora.hu