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Season Starts at Lake Balaton

Fanni Kaszás 2019.06.06.

On May 1st, the season officially started at Lake Balaton, and the beaches around the ‘Hungarian sea’ are opening to the public. At most places an entry ticket costs around 500 HUF, but it can be as expensive as 1500 HUF in more popular areas.

CsodalatosBalaton.hu compiled all the entry ticket prices of the paid beaches around Lake Balaton for this season. However, they have added that there are several places which operate for free until the end of the school year, and at some beaches visitors don’t have to pay until July. There are also children, family, and retiree entrance tickets for a cheaper price. Several beaches offer online tickets as well to help customers avoid long queues.

The average price for an entry ticket in 2019 runs between 700 and 900 forints, but there are several exceptions. For example, in Balatonakarattya, Balatonföldvár, Fonyód, Révfülöp, and Tihany, a ticket costs only 500 forints, while the Balatonszepezd beach costs 450 HUF.

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The most expensive location is Széchenyi beach in Balatonfüred, where the entrance fee is 1500 HUF. In most places, visitors can spend a whole day for less than 1000 forints; however, additional costs such as expensive beach food and parking can quickly raise the overall costs for a family.

Each year there are fewer and fewer free beaches at Lake Balaton, (the website also collected these), most of which are situated on the south shore of the lake. In 2019, some of the free beaches will be developed and renovated through a HUF 3 billion support, making bathing areas more comfortable, modern, and safer.