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Schwarzenegger Explores Budapest as He Begins Filming Sixth Terminator Film

Fanni Kaszás 2018.09.11.

Hungary has become very popular with the Hollywood film industry, and in the past few months, it seems there’s always at least one American movie star in the capital. Following in the footsteps of Ryan GoslingMila Kunis, John Malkovich and Will Smith, Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently filming the sixth Terminator movie in Budapest.

In the new Terminator film, Linda Hamilton reprises her role as Sarah Connor alongside new stars Natalia Reyes and Blade Runner 2049’s Mackenzie Davis. Arnold Schwarzenegger also returns to play his android character a fifth time. Schwarzenegger acted as a villain in the first movie, but enjoys a more positive role in the later installments. Reportedly, the movie is a direct sequel to Terminator 2 (1991) and will ignore the three movies in-between.

The 71-year-old Austria-born actor reportedly walks a lot in the city and his fans can meet him in local gyms, restaurants and in front of the Parliament. We have collected some of Arnie’s best moments in Budapest.

Biking around Budapest with the Parliament in the background:



Pumping up to get ready for one of you to visit me on the Terminator set. Enter here and let’s #terminategerrymandering:

Posted by Arnold Schwarzenegger on Saturday, September 8, 2018


… at the same gym where Will Smith trained a few months ago when he was also shooting in the capital.

Drinking beer:


Posted by Arnold Schwarzenegger on Sunday, August 5, 2018


Rocking a Guns N’ Roses T-shirt while riding his bike:

Posing with a giant Terminator bear…

…and of course, taking pictures with his fans: